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Cheap and High-Quality Dentures

The best quality of the dentures at a cheap, price. We provide both, as our lab is located in Albania and provide high quality dentures for europe.

We understand that your patients’ satisfaction is the most important aspects of your practice. We strive to consistently provide our customers with exceptional esthetic, functional, and durable denture.

Dent Izmir

Features of our Clinic

We provide premium products, created with latest techonlogy and experienced staff.

Latest Technology

Ultimate computerised technology for zircon and all other types of dentures.

Experienced Staff

Specialised Staff with many year of experience and certifications.

We offer cheap dentures with the best quailty, for all european clinics. We do not make compromises on quality.

Contact Info

Dent Izmir ©  is a dental laboratory started in 1999. Since then we are producin high quality dentures, with cheap prices in order to bring to you a reliable denture.

The self-confidence through a beautiful smile can not be measured by anything else. Contact us for your oder, for a order or to know more about us.


Apolonia Quarter, Lami Monka Street, Fier, Albania